About Me

I was born in The 80’s In New York City, South Bronx. My family Immediately moved to the city of manhattan to a wild place in the city called Washington Heights. raised in the late 80’s and 90’s over there. quick story about me is I went to chelsea vocational high school when I moved back to the Bronx & from there I grew a passion for computers & learned electrical engineering as a vocational study. When I graduated from high school I went to D evry university & studied computer engineering. finances were not as good as I wanted them to be so I dropped out of college & started learning engineering on my own. my student loans were killing me & I had to find a way to escape what every adult goes threw in life, bills.

I did not have an idea of what I wanted to do but I knew I had ideas to make and create things I had a pretty wild imagination all my life and could mimic cartoons & movies that were memorable to me. I knew I had something good in the entertainment business but I had alot of growing up to do. I wanted to act & do film but as I found out early in my life everything is money. so I did what every regular person does, get a job. I started to work for a construction company in manhattan and at that time life was good. I escaped the wrath of new york. at 20′ something years old. I thought I could lay back and purchase a laptop soon because I wanted to work on building a website and putting whatever creation I came up with. wether it was art. music or maybe a blog. I just wanted something flashy and futuristic to express who I was as an individual. I went to two schools, the first one was TCI technical career institute and this is where I learned about colors, art & themes. sooner than later I was learning to code & use a new software called photoshop. I was gearing to become a web designer as a career because I love being around computers. since school was expensive I had to stop my education & find another way to access information. The internet was not as fast at this time but things were picking up. I met a friend in college named by dutty rock who was always coming to class making rhymes. We became good friends and shared each others music. one day he took one of my beats and recreated it. I was so surprised that I inspired someone to redo something I created. the reason this happened was because I actually was introduced to a program in college to create music for websites. at least that was the introduction he told me when he gave me the Program.  the program was new around the 90’s it was called fruity loops. I honestly was not really interested in making techno music because I was really into creating websites and designs. as the years went by I learned this program had potential of being something amazing. so I started to pick it up. I did not fully understand the program but I soon began to practice everyday creating different music projects. My hobby had become an addiction which has been over 15 years still to this day. That is the big reason why I am writing this. because of my love for music  helped me create everything all together, and the way I love designing and making music,  I  basically created something on my own that I am proud to say I am happy with. DJToneEBeats.com will include exclusive art, exclusive music, exclusive projects & collaborations with amazing new artist, the goal is gather enough attention to tell this amazing journey that I have been through. with all that said I hope that you enjoyed this story small story about me. it’s not everything I have been through but its a major part I created this brand DJToneEBeats. 

thank you for the support.

Research & Brand Development for (2017)

  • Brand Strategy 86%
  • Producing & Music Development 85%
  • Internet Marketing 80%
  • Customer Happiness 99%