DJToneEBeats Music Producer - About - Digital Media Artist | Beat Maker

About – DJToneEBeats Music Producer – Digital Media Artist | Beat Maker

DJToneEBeats Music Producer – About – Digital Media Artist | Beat Maker – Genre: Hip-Hop | Electronic | Dance | Trap | Latin | EDM | Living: Bronx, NY |


Hi Everyone! I Go By “DJToneEBeats”

I am an Electronic & Hip-Hop Producer from New York City.

Creating music & instrumentals for over 15 years. My passion is all in creating the right beat for an artist,

I am as of right now working on being a full time producer who creates Beats/Instrumentals for artist & for visual productions as well.

EX: Movies, Television, YouTubers, Brands & Products.

This particular channel will focus on the artist brand “DJToneEBeats” for published works. My other page @DJToneEBeats¬†focuses on Leasing Instrumentals & also selling Exclusive rights for beats.

About Goals For 2017

In 2017 I am focusing on releasing my first Official Beat Album on every online platform.

The album will be called “Beats By DJToneEBeats” as of right now it is available to download free or purchase on GooglePlay.

(Selected Tracks Are Free Only)

you will be directed to GooglePlay just sign In and download my album

I will be also be releasing my instrumental/Beat album on Itunes, Spotify,

Pandora & Tidal in the “Summer of 2017”

Feel free to subscribe and download the podcast called “DJToneEBeats Station”
and thank you for listening.