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Beats By DJToneEBeats

Beats By DJToneEBeats

Beats By DJToneEBeats is a music album showcasing Beats, Rhymes & Instrumentals. Hi everyone! my name is Tonee and this album has been a product of my music passion for 15 years. I have spent so many countless days and nights creating, researching, learning each component of each program as a result bringing you an exciting album for 2017.

Story Behind The Music

First of all Thank you! for visiting my website. Seems like you bumped into this part of the blog section. Since this is your first time here, let me explain how I have spent so much resource on equipment, programs & computers for this album all while working at terrible jobs, taking risky chances in life, all while having no life & friends due to finishing this project.


My goal here is to create an exciting “New York City” sound, to showcase to the world. Growing up listening to hip-hop and all the greats Like “B.I.G” & “Tupac”. It has made me appreciate the new current wave of music for this generation like Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Kanye West, XXXTENTACION & Kendrick Lamar.

Listening to new artist on Soundcloud & Spotify has helped me learn & adapt to the newer genre’s & styles. My long-term goal is to create beats & instrumentals for the top artist in the recording industry. Seeing the amazing progress our music culture has built, I want to show & pay homage to the legends in the future.

In The Future

In conclusion my goal here is to reach every online music platform from Itunes, Spotify, ect. If I continue working hard & being consistent as a result it will help me build more content, hopefully paying off one day. The road seems very far away from the goal sometimes but I know to always try my best. Most noteworthy thing I loved doing was finishing this album, focusing & arranging each instruments, putting together interesting sounds while paying close attention to the Mix!, In addition, by creating these instrumentals I have been trying my best to learn my craft because I want to turn this music that I love making into a brand.

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Beats By DJToneEBeats

Beats By DJToneEBeats

Beats By DJToneEBeats

Jaymor Barz – This Is Hip-Hop (Mastered By DJToneEBeats)

Jaymor Barz – This Is Hip-Hop (Mastered By DJToneEBeats)

This Artist Mix-Tape Is Called “This Is Hip-Hop” Created By Jaymor Barz. (Mastered By DJToneEBeats). We collaborate on this project to make it sound better.  Jaymor Barz chose the best producers who he enjoyed working with.

Story Behind The Album

We both gathered all the final cuts from this project in which he created & came up with 10 Amazing Tracks that will inspire, make you go threw every emotion, It makes me appreciate true lyricism. so here is the final product. this was developed to make Jaymor Barz sound amazing with great quality because I feel he is working diligently as an MC who appreciates making his craft sound better. we ended producing great content together his talent is like no other.

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$$ Beats 4 Sale $$

Beats For Sale

Beats For Sale Is a Collection Of New Instrumentals to Lease & Sell to artist who need new material for their projects and mixtapes. I created a batch of beats for my new website  Please listen and leave me an email if you are interested in any beats.

Just Released My First Official Website. While Working On The Webpage I got Entertained By Creating These New Beats. Please Check Out My First Release Of Leased Beats For Sale.

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